Why The Ridge

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What Sets Us Apart

In addition to our holistic care, our individual single rooms with private baths ensure needed privacy and make treatment away from home easier for many.

We are distinguished by our commitment to personalize and individualize treatment plans based on the individual needs of each person, and we do so using a repertoire of proven programs, techniques and methods of recovery.

Our Expert Team

Our highly trained and experienced staff includes experts in the field of recovery, as well as people who have experienced substance use disorders themselves. And being part of Hartford HealthCare ensures that individuals have easier access to additional healthcare expertise as needed. Although the Ridge is a relatively new facility, it is part of Rushford, a recognized leader in substance use treatment for more than 40 years. The Hartford HealthCare Behavioral Health Network also includes Natchaug Hospital, and The Ridge offers seamless access to HHC’s nearby acute care facilities, including Backus and Windham Hospitals.

“All staff were professional and loving- how can we improve? You can’t.”

– A Residential Program Participant


Our Beautiful Campus

The beauty of our magnificent physical site is another unique advantage, and fosters connections with the healing and restorative powers of nature, as well as opportunities for improving physical health through exploration of its wooded paths and recreational spaces.

Our Multi-Tiered Programs

We are also distinguished by our multi-tiered paths and programs for recovery—from our medically managed withdrawal program, to our intensive therapy residential program, to our extended stay options—which offer participants a supportive space for sober living. This continuum of care ensures that optimal and expert care and services are continuously available along the path to recovery. This demonstrates our unwavering commitment to care for people no matter where they are in their recovery journey.

The Hartford HealthCare Advantage

The Ridge is part of Rushford, a longstanding leader in treatment of substance use disorders, and part of Hartford HealthCare’s Behavioral Health Network.

Hartford HealthCare is Connecticut’s most comprehensive healthcare system, ensuring that people at the Ridge have easy access to other health services as needed, including the two nearby acute care hospitals, Backus and Windham, as well as Natchaug Hospital, another member of the Hartford HealthCare Behavioral Health Network.

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Evidenced Based Practices & Quality Care

At the Ridge, we are committed to creating personalized paths of recovery for each individual who seeks treatment here. These options include evidence-based treatments that have proven successful in combating substance use disorder, and restoring a healthier, more balanced life. We maintain the highest standards of quality care, and continuously seek to enhance and improve our services.

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Mission & History

The Ridge Recovery Center has a long history of hope, healing, inspiration and transformation. The building was founded in 1958 as a Catholic retreat, known as the Immaculata Retreat House. It remained such until the retreat closed in 2018. The property was subsequently acquired by Hartford HealthCare, and opened in late 2023 as The Ridge Recovery Center.

The Ridge is committed to helping individuals achieve recovery and sustaining long-term recovery through personalized treatment plans that offer the most effective, evidence-based options for each person.

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