Sometimes the smallest step can be the first on the road to recovery.
A man and a woman relating to each other in a group therapy session.
A young woman embracing and comforting her friend.

Our Admission Process

A simple phone call or conversation is often the first step on the path to recovery, healing, and a healthier life.

Call 877.307.4343 to learn about the admissions process for the Ridge.

Collaboration with Hartford HealthCare Hospitals

The Ridge Recovery Center is part of Rushford, which has been a leader in substance use prevention and treatment for over 40 years. Both are part of Hartford HealthCare’s Behavioral Health Network. Hartford HealthCare is the most comprehensive and complete healthcare system in Connecticut and is dedicated to equitably increasing access to expert care and services.

This means The Ridge provides individuals with easier access to additional services for physical, mental, and emotional health. Two of Hartford HealthCare’s acute-care hospitals, Backus and Windham, are located nearby and stand ready to care for people from The Ridge. Also nearby is Natchaug Hospital, another Hartford HealthCare facility dedicated to improving mental and behavioral health.

A man walking along a woodland path at the Ridge Recovery Center in Windham, CT.

Embracing Support and Reaching Out

We understand how difficult it can be to seek help. The Ridge offers a compassionate and non-judgmental environment that makes it easier to take that first step towards recovery.

More Information

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Information for Referring Professionals

The Ridge Recovery Center is a place where providers can confidently refer their patients, knowing they will receive exceptional care and treatment that meets the highest, evidence-based standards, in a compassionate and supportive setting.

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What to Expect

A stay at The Ridge for you or a loved one is an emotional journey of renewal. We are committed to providing evidence based, holistic care that treats the entire person, not just the symptoms of substance use disorder.