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The Ridge campus grounds with outdoor grass area surrounded by stone wall and woods.
Multiple individuals in a group therapy session.

An Ongoing and Burgeoning Need

The need for the care the Ridge provides is urgent. In 2022, there were 96,700 deaths in the U.S. from drug overdoses, a 30% increase over the prior year. In Connecticut, there has been a 306% increase in drug deaths over the past 10 years, with 1,452 overdose deaths in 2022 alone. The pandemic has had a significant impact on alcohol use disorder rates, with many people crossing the line from risky use to more dangerous levels.

Others returned to substance use due to stress and isolation. Too often people must leave Connecticut to access the level of treatment The Ridge offers. In addition to being far away from families and other support systems, other treatment options may be prohibitively expensive or the programs may feel unsuitable or overcrowded.

The Ridge aims to make necessary care more accessible, close to home. Your gift to The Ridge will help pave a path to recovery for countless individuals who have previously been unable to access this level of care, and will benefit the people, communities, and organizations with whom they interact.

Ways to Give

In keeping with our model of individualizing each person’s path to recovery, we are happy to work with individual donors, families and organizations to design charitable gift or giving plans to match their unique wishes and objectives. Some giving opportunities follow:


Golf TournamentAnnual Rushford Golf Classic

Every year with help from you the Rushford Foundation raises funds to support the access to behavioral health treatment in Connecticut. This year we’ll be golfing to support The Ridge Recovery Center and we’re hoping you can help us build momentum for this important new project by joining us at the 35th Annual Rushford Golf Classic on Wednesday, June 14th at Portland Golf Course in Portland, CT. All proceeds from this event will be used to support The Ridge.

For more information about how to register or for sponsorship opportunities, contact Katherine McNulty at or 203.752.6937 or click the link below.

Golfer & Sponsor Registration


Renewal Tree

The dogwood, Connecticut’s state tree, represents rebirth, renewal, and hope. Leaf plaques lining the branches of The Ridge’s dogwood Renewal Tree may be given in recognition of, in memory of, or in support of an individual, family, caregiver, staff member. Gifts amount include:

  • $2,500 bronze leaf
  • $5,000 silver leaf
  • $10,000 gold leaf

Programmatic Giving Partnerships

Individual and organizations may support specific programs with their gifts. We are happy to hear your ideas, and share some of our own suggestions and opportunities for such donations.


Bequests & Planned Giving

One of the simplest ways to make a planned gift to The Ridge is through a bequest in your will or a provision in your living trust. We are happy to discuss The Dogwood Society which recognizes individuals who have informed us that they have made a provision for The Ridge or Rushford in their estate plans through a bequest, a life-income gift, or other planned gift.

The Dogwood Society celebrates members at an annual luncheon and publications may include your name(s) to give well-deserved recognition for your thoughtful planning and encourage others to do the same. Such listings and qualification for membership provide no hierarchy or indication of the potential value of your gift plans. Of course, if you prefer to remain anonymous, your name(s) will not be disclosed or published.


Exceptional Gifts

Exceptional gifts will benefit your community, friends, neighbors, and loved ones for decades to come. The Ridge relies on the commitment of caring supporters and exceptional gifts play a critical role in helping us provide the highest levels of patient-centered care to our community. A Naming Opportunity is special as it recognizes a donor’s significant commitment to The Ridge and the community. The Ridge has several opportunities available and we would be pleased to discuss
these opportunities, as well as options for associated plaque locations, with prospective donors. You may contact a member of our Philanthropy Team directly to start a conversation about these opportunities:

Two women hugging each other and laughing.

A Fight for Lives

Many of us know of someone who has experienced the devastation of addiction and its destructive impact, and many of us are aware of the need to expand residential treatment. We understand that the effects of substance use disorder can ripple throughout the community, adversely affecting the economy, government, first responders, educators, friends, neighbors and the community as a whole.

The Ridge Recovery Center is there to help people with substance use disorder find their paths to recovery and return to healthier, more productive lives.

A man discussing his feelings with a therapist.

A Critical Mission

The Ridge addresses a longstanding need in Connecticut and beyond for a comprehensive, personalized design to treat substance use disorder.

Our all-inclusive approach covers everything from medically monitored withdrawal management through intensive residential treatment in private ensuite, single rooms, as well as extended stay options for those who need to remain in a supportive, sober environment following successful treatment in residential care.

The Ridge at a Glance

Perched atop a crest of 60 idyllic acres of secluded woods in northeastern Connecticut, The Ridge provides a personalized path to recovery in a serene and private setting. Our evidence-based treatment plans are customized to meet the specific needs of each patient and provide a transformative approach to holistic healing. Our compassionate team of dedicated experts guides patients as they navigate the path to recovery.

The Ridge offers:

  • Medically monitored withdrawal management (16 beds)
  • Residential treatment (36 beds)
  • Beautifully appointed, sober living accommodations for extended stay
  • Group therapy
  • Medication management
  • Trauma informed care
  • Support and educational groups, including art, sound and pet therapy, and financial counseling
  • Recreation and fitness options, including a Planet Fitness equipped gym, walking trails, yoga, morning movement classes and more.
  • Spiritual support
  • Premier dining, including vegetarian and gluten-free options.
  • Family support, including groups

The Ridge accepts most major commercial plans, and some government insurance plans. Private pay options are also available.

A young woman with her hand over her heart and her eyes closed outside in the sun.

A History of Healing

The Ridge has a rich history as a place of spiritual health and healing. We welcome a rich tapestry of patients from all walks of life, and continue to provide hope and healing, honoring the longstanding history of the property

A doctor touching the shoulder of her older female patient. The patient is smiling at her and touching her hand.

Expert Care from an Unequaled Team

The Ridge team includes physicians, nurses, social workers and recovery support specialists well versed in treatment and services that lead to successful recovery from substance use disorder.

As an affiliate of Rushford, The Ridge is well positioned to benefit from Rushford’s nearly fifty years of experience treating persons living with substance use disorder, mental illness, and emotional disturbance.

As a Hartford HealthCare partner, individuals at The Ridge will have seamless access to additional health expertise, including services provided at nearby Windham, Backus, and Natchaug

Creating Partnerships

The Ridge addresses an urgent and critical need for a comprehensive inpatient model that includes withdrawal management, intensive inpatient therapy, and extended living options for sustained recovery. Having these treatment options available close to home, and provided by a well-known and trusted team of experts, increases the community’s ability to access much need treatment and services. The Ridge works closely with community-based organizations and providers who are equally committed to reducing substance use and mitigating the effects of drug and alcohol addiction.

A woman looking out the window drinking coffee at sunrise.

Thank You for Your Support

You help us transform lives.